God’s first speech from possible mystery play draft


The Mighty Shaper, Heaven’s mighty Host

In Heaven dwelleth, maketh man below.

In Miy own image, maketh him foremost,

In Mine own glory, maketh earth to grow.

I am the highest over land and sky,

Of Heaven and earth, both of My domains,

Those things I make are pleasing to Mine eyes,

Of my creation, nothing vile remains.

In Heaven, made I nine orders of hosts,

Of angels bound to Me to do My will,

Yet angels may be worthy of these boasts,

But man remains the greatest creature still.

In beauty and in being, bests them all;

in pureness and in spirit, he is best,

For Man in My own image heeds My call,

Therein, his faith in pureness beats the rest.

This day, Mine angels gather, all these hosts,

Each of the nine to Heaven now to meet;

Of all Mine angels, Lucifer, loved most,

now cometh here to worship at Mine feet.

His beauty, Lucifer’s, exceeds the host’s,

And in his loveliness only man bests

My Lucifer, high angel as the most

In beauty, and in deference to the rest.