Redone Talymar Poem

One of the first poems I wrote for SCA was one about the life of His Excellency Talymar. It was closer to a Norse style than a Saxon one, and it was only loosely that. I rewrote the poem, taking in new details (like the ones including the barony) and added more obvious references to the women who led/lead with him.

From Heorot hailing, humble leader,

Fearless in battle, failing at nothing.

The wound-hoe Wolfslayer his wyrd-path guided.

Twice-crowned Andrew, Taken by his prowess,

Acted as master, offered his teaching.

By Laurelen knighted at looming battle.

From knighthood to kingship that noble ascended.

“Annual enemies, eternal friends,”

at Pennsic’s war-field, promised his kingship.

Spurning the Tiger, taking the battle.

Dragon’s victory Doubly promised.

Lovely Eislinn, longing for Pennsic,

though illness weakened aided her husband.

Calontir followed, the kingdom to aid them,

from Randal turning to rally for Eislinn.

In that final fighting, fearless their victory.

Thrice-crowned Talymar, turning from kingship,

In study of culture sounded his knowledge.

Melisande aided, Marking his progress.

In service and clothing was showing her prowess.

Inward turning, elected baron

in Middle Marches, Melisande and Talymar,

Rightwise and noble, ruling with fairness,

Sure in their greatness, chevron invictus.